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Teaching / Events / Workshops


Neil teaches non-fiction and journalism, and he sometimes gives talks about storytelling. Here are some of the schools, companies, and conferences he's worked with.



C o u r s e s

Boston University
foreign reporting
intro to journalism

The University of the South
creative non-fiction

Furman University
creative non-fiction

P u b l i c    S p e a k i n g

The Seoul Digital Forum; Seoul

Chandelier Creative; SoHo NYC

The Power of Narrative Conference

The AWP Conference

The L.Ink Festival; Bari, Italy

W o r k s h o p s


The Nieman Foundation

Passion Passport / Cathay Pacific

The Dreyfoos School for the Arts


Nat Geo: Live!

Washington, D.C. | March 28, 2019

I’ll be onstage at National Geographic HQ with photographer David Guttenfelder to talk about how we explored Tokyo—the world’s largest city—on foot for a special issue of the magazine.

Join us. More details soon.




TEDx at Emory

Emory University, Atlanta | February 24, 2018

"Standing Still in the Stream: Empathy, Wonder, and the Power of Short Stories"