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Neil Shea is a writer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. His stories regularly appear in National Geographic, and he's a contributing editor with The Virginia Quarterly Review and The American Scholar. He's also a creative consultant and teacher, and his clients have included Instagram, PBS, and Fork Films. See his recent TEDx talk here on innovative storytelling.


Shea writes one of those pieces that transcends the politics about the war and simply tells the kind of story people will read years from now.
— Kate Palmer, Foreign Policy

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The Tokyo Transect

March 28, 2019, 7:30 PM - 9 PM

Join me and photographer David Guttenfelder in Washington, D.C.
where we’ll be sharing stories from our recent fieldwork in the world’s largest city.



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Tokyo Transect:
Walking the world’s largest city


Sailing with the Norwegian coast guard aboard the icebreaker Svalbard.

March 2019

Searching for “very old darkness” in Borneo’s underworld

Aug - Sept

I’m up on Ellesmere Island this month, working with wolves.

December 2018

My latest Arctic story voted one of Nat Geo’s best reads


Just signed a 10-episode podcast deal with Stitcher! Coming autumn 2019

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